“I am amazed at Teri’s organizational skills and how she assimilates every application to which she has access. Without fail, she delivers on tasks ahead of established timelines while identifying the practical options as solutions. Her contributions to the final product or the desired outcomes are intricately woven into her extremely sharp analytical skills. Teri is a progressive thinker; and bold in her approach that reflects an unshaken foundation. Most notable though is her negotiation abilities which often yields bountiful results and a clear and identifiable path towards the success of the project. She is as engaging as she is thoughtful, considerate, and trustworthy.”

Carol M. Burke

Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of the United States Virgin Islands

“Teri showed clear signs of promise at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. Her professional achievements and the accolades she has received over the years is proof that discipline and hard work pays off. Teri makes GSPM very proud. She’s a shining star!”

Ron Faucheux

The George Washington University, Graduate School of Political Management Professor and American Lawyer, Scholar, Non-Fiction Author and Political Consultant

“I have seen Teri manage programs with multiple work streams, competing resource needs and deadlines, and she kept them all on track, on time and on budget. When she worked with me at International SOS, Teri took over the management of an immense program, moving the organization to a new Target Operating Model. She was able to quickly gain understanding of the work streams and get them on track ensuring the successful completion of every major milestone. She is able to work with people with many different viewpoints to bring them into consensus, and even inspire enthusiasm in order to achieve ambitious goals.”

Joan Stack

International SOS, Senior Vice President (retired)

“As a program manager at Booz Allen Hamilton, Teri delivered high quality public-private partnership solutions to address the multi-disciplinary demands needed and she effectively integrated siloed business functions of Federal clients.”

Kathleen Dyer

Booz Allen Hamilton, Principal (retired)

“Teri’s tenure at two major consulting firms, coupled with her team leadership roles and as a mother of two young children has encouraged others to succeed in their own passion and career development.”

Michael Lestingi

Deloitte Consulting Director

“Teri was one of my first hires during the startup of Diageo’s Captain Morgan Rum Distillery and we knew how important it was to hire someone locally to fill such a big role in Human Resources. Teri was instrumental in getting the Plant off to a great start.”

Dan Kirby

Diageo's Captain Morgan Distillery Vice President (retired)

Teri made a big impact during her years with Deloitte – where the combination of her creative side, analytic aptitude, and collaborative spirit made an indelible impact on our clients, and our people. We are thrilled to see her success!

Dan Helfrich

Deloitte Consulting Chairman and CEO

“Teri is inspirational in her leadership and makes the world better around her. Teri sets the bar high for herself and helps others to succeed. Teri’s professionalism, compassion and caring for others, and drive for making a positive impact have made a lasting impression on those who have had the privilege to have known and worked with her. We can all expect more great things on the horizon from this amazing woman!”

Joni Swedlund

Principal, Deloitte Consulting (Retired)

“Teri is a brilliant and resourceful leader on our team, we count on her in Washington to keep us on pace and so far we are above the curve.”

Albert Bryan Jr.

U.S. Virgin Islands Governor

In the dynamic landscape of Washington, D.C., as a solo operator, Teri Helenese has forged invaluable relationships that have borne fruit in remarkable ways. One such triumph was orchestrating the visit of DC United and the Bermuda Men’s Soccer teams to St. Croix, a feat that not only generated revenue, and filled every accommodation option but also catalyzed a health expo addressing prevalent issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Alongside this, Teri’s successful application for a $200,000 grant from the Department of Interior to rejuvenate Frederiksted stands as a testament to her commitment to community upliftment.

Through astute financial management, Teri has identified significant cost savings, facilitating the allocation of funds for crucial causes like mental health support. Noteworthy is her role as the Corporate Sponsorship Chair, where she raised $1.2 million for the 175th Emancipation Commemoration Committee, earmarked for impactful community engagement and events in 2024.

Advocating for the Rum Cover-Over initiative underscores Teri’s bipartisan approach to governance, recognizing its potential to bring substantial financial benefits to the Virgin Islands.
With a proven record of impactful leadership and a vision for holistic community development, Teri remains dedicated to driving positive change and fostering prosperity for Virgin Islanders.