Food Pantry Projects

Teri spearheads the LINKS initiative, ensuring equitable food distribution to Food Insecure UVI students and facilitating support networks amidst challenges.


Teri’s work with the Danish Embassy demonstrates her commitment to creating meaningful opportunities for USVI students.

Downtown Revival

Teri leads revitalization efforts in downtown Christiansted and the St. Croix boardwalk, promoting sustainable growth through pedestrian enhancements, outdoor dining expansion, and economic diversification, transforming the area into a vibrant community.


Teri promotes agricultural sector growth through Governor-led task forces, emphasizing Congress’s role in investment, supporting USDA initiatives to expand export markets and strengthen research and conservation efforts, aiming to sustain farming communities.

Insular Cases

Teri mobilizes in Congress, rallying against unjust colonial relationships in U.S. territories, collaborating with the ACLU and driving impactful actions, reflecting her commitment to upholding democratic principles.

Championing Second Chances

Teri champions the Second Chances Initiative working with federal partners in Washington, D.C., advocating for clemency and positive re-entry opportunities for former offenders in the Virgin Islands.

Empowering Health Equity

Teri is actively collaborating to improve health outcomes for Medicaid recipients in the Virgin Islands, notably targeting sickle cell disease and addressing regional health disparities.

The Good Dad Act

Teri is actively advocating for equal rights for fathers and legal parity for parents to effect positive change.

Visa Waiver

Teri is spearheading collaborative efforts with key stakeholders to implement an innovative Program.

Advocating for Judicial Equity with H.R. 282 and Term Extensions

Teri has teamed up with Chief Judge Robert A. Molloy, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to push for key legislative reforms, aiming to institutionalize Term Extensions for judges.