Health Equity

Empowering Health Equity

Teri is deeply engaged in driving the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Access Model, collaborating with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to educate the Virgin Islands Department of Health. Her proactive efforts aim to ensure accurate information about the model is accessible, ultimately addressing historical disparities and improving health outcomes for individuals with Medicaid facing rare and severe diseases, particularly sickle cell disease.

Teri’s dedication to enhancing well-being and tackling health inequities shines through as she works to make a meaningful impact in the region.

Securing Remote Learning & Accurate COVID-19 Information

Teri has been instrumental in navigating the challenges presented by COVID-19, especially in education and information dissemination. Recognizing the indispensable need for remote learning due to the pandemic and escalating climate impacts, she authored plans that successfully secured $21 million from the Education Stabilization Fund. This funding facilitated the acquisition of laptops with webcams for students across the Virgin Islands, transitioning them to a high-quality online learning environment through Google Classroom. Beyond enhancing educational accessibility, Teri’s collaborative efforts with Google also ensured the delivery of accurate and authoritative COVID-19 health information to the Virgin Islands community. Her leadership in these initiatives showcases her commitment to leveraging technology for educational excellence and public health awareness.

Strengthening the Territory’s Financial Health During COVID-19

In her role as a vigilant overseer, Teri was pivotal in ensuring the Virgin Islands secured at least $557 million in formula-allocated funds to combat the impacts of COVID-19. This substantial financial support included approximately $520 million from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Relief Fund, $20 million from the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Relief Fund, and an additional $17 million in Coronavirus Capital Project Funds. Through her dedicated watchdog efforts, Teri played a critical role in fortifying the Territory’s response to the pandemic and bolstering its economic stability.