USVI Madras Copyright Registration


Teri leveraged her expertise in U.S. Copyright laws and her extensive network of personal and professional contacts to commemorate the Virgin Islands’ unique heritage and set a precedent for preserving and recognizing cultural symbols.

Securing Copyright for the USVI Madras: A Milestone in Cultural Preservation and Recognition

  • U.S. Copyright Registration for the USVI Madras: Through Teri’s pivotal efforts, the USVI Madras was granted U.S. copyright registration, highlighting her dedication to preserving the Virgin Islands’ cultural heritage. Recognized on January 21, 2021, this vibrant textile embodies the archipelago’s rich traditions and history.
  • Efficient Approval Despite COVID-19 Challenges: Navigated the typically prolonged copyright registration process with remarkable speed, even amidst the operational slowdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Harnessing Relationships for Cultural Achievement: Successfully obtained necessary approvals from Bradley E. Christian, the visionary behind the USVI madras, and Debbie Sun, its designer and Teri’s childhood friend, showcasing her adept use of both personal and professional connections to further cultural objectives.
  • Celebrating U.S. and USVI Connections at Miss Virginia USA 2021: As a judge and Selection Committee member for the Miss Virginia USA 2021 pageant, Teri honored candidates with the official USVI Madras, symbolizing the historical link between the USVI and Virginia since 1607. This initiative not only celebrated the contestants but also promoted the rich cultural heritage of the USVI Madras to a broader audience, emphasizing Teri’s passion for empowering women and her commitment to cultural preservation.