Community Outreach Initiatives

Teri has been instrumental in spearheading impactful community outreach events, demonstrating a profound commitment to inspiring and uplifting the Virgin Islands community:

  • NASA STEM Literacy Event:

    Orchestrated a virtual visit to NASA for Virgin Islands students, providing an immersive experience into NASA’s mission and fostering interest in STEM careers, highlighting the importance of skill development for the future workforce. Read more

  • D.C. United vs Bermuda Exhibition Soccer Match:

    Successfully organized the historic visit of D.C. United and the Bermuda Men’s Team to St. Croix, engaging the private sector to raise $300,000 for their accommodation and logistics. This event brought a national championship-winning team to the Virgin Islands. It provided significant economic and morale uplift to the region, especially in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Read more