Public Policy

Teri leveraged her expertise in public policy to advocate for issues of societal importance, exhibiting a commitment to effecting positive change while showcasing the importance of the Virgin Islands on the national stage.

Director, State-Federal Relations and Washington Representative, Office of the Governor of the United States Virgin Islands 

  • Strategic Representation:

    Serves as Governor Albert Bryan Jr.’s primary liaison in the nation’s capital, collaborating with the White House, Executive Branch, Congress, and Department Commissioners in the Virgin Islands to advance the Governor’s agenda.

  • Impactful Advocacy:

    Articulates and advocates gubernatorial and Virgin Islands-related policy positions to influential stakeholders, yielding positive outcomes such as the historic joint five Territories Governors’ Medicaid Cliff Letter to Congress.

  • Technology and Safety:

    Played a key role in the collaboration between the USVI Government and Google to deliver accurate local information about COVID-19, ensuring Virgin Islanders have reliable and timely access to authoritative health information related to the pandemic.